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Cheap name tags or when the price isn’t the price

cheap metal name tagSo if you were looking for cheap name tags, what exactly does that mean? Cheap means different things to different people. Cheap can mean the actual price, the quality, or a combination of both. But in most cases cheap is a perception more so than a fact. Let me explain…

  1. At nametagpros.com we do not sell cheap name tags. We sell good quality name tags printed with great clarity with outstanding durability. We don’t use substandard materials or cheap printing processes. Yes you can buy a “cheaper name tag” but if it last half as long – is it cheaper than the top quality ones we produce?
  2. We do not promote that we are the cheapest(And what does that mean anyway?). Quite a few competitors will charge less per tag and call themselves the cheapest. How many ads do you see – “We will beat any advertised price!” then they add on extra charges – so is their name tag cheaper? That would be a NO. I love extra fees – don’t you? (and yes that is sarcasm)
  3. Initially we may not have the cheapest price, but if you purchase from us long enough you will pay less than with most competitors, and once again let me explain. If you purchase a large amount of name tags from us, we keep all future purchases at that discounted price. Some companies will charge say $3 for the initial tag – then $8 for a future name tags. We reward you for continuing to shop with us by keeping your price low, isn’t that the way it is supposed to be?
  4. We never charge a rush fee, additional line fee, non standard size fee, blah blah blah fee. The price you see listed on the site is the price you pay. Any size, any number of lines of imprinting, 0 hidden charges! And I say again – isn’t that the way it is supposed to be?

When purchasing anything these days you have to be careful to examine your total cost – not just the basic cost of something (remember your cable bill, cell phone bill etc – but don’t get me started about their additional fees). Some time what starts out cheap, in the end cost you way more than you bargain for. That’s why when you need name tags for your business or organization trust the authorities at nametagpros.com, we will take good care of you – no hidden fees, great service and a company you can trust. Isn’t that the way it is supposed to be?