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Cheap Name Tags the good, the bad and the ugly

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cheap reusable name tag

The old saying goes you get what you pay for, and in many cases that is true. Take for example cheap name tags. In some instances the situation calls for an inexpensive name tag product. Say a workshop, new employee training, or even conventions.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with utilizing this product for this situation. However you need to consider the actual use of the name tag and the image that the tag will projecting to the people you come in contact with. So lets discuss a few and hopefully you will learn something

Convention name tags

Kind of murky water here…Say you are having a large meeting or workshop for your employees, our suggestion would to be purchase the most economical tags possible. The standard is the clear plastic with the card insert that you can print out on your pc. These are very affordable and once the meeting is over just trash them – hey you are not trying to impress anyone here – just making sure everyone knows who is who. Save where you can, use the extra money to do something nice for the event, spend it there.

OK different situation…You are a financial adviser and you are bringing a large group of clients or resellers into a meeting – do you really think you should go cheap hear? Do yourself a favor and purchase a nicer name tag. This small item can make a huge difference in how your are perceived – cheap or first class – go ahead you choose which you want to be. Executive metal or metal name tags are really the way to go

Restaurant Name Tags

OK once again here are a couple of other examples. You have a fast food restaurant with high turn over in staff. Why waste your money on a high end badge when the employee may not use it over one night – don’t waste your money! Try window badges, or even thin plastic reusable badges and personalize on the spot with a label maker. Your clients don’t care and if done right the badges are pretty cool. Cheap – cool – quick, that’s what I’m talking about.

Now you have an upscale steak house…fine dining establishment…most meals are going to run $40 each, don’t go cheap. Everything you have done to build your brand says your first class, go with the best most professional name tags you can afford. Don’t ruin the employees appearance with a cheap plastic name tag, go metal and be elegant!

OK folks so now are you smelling what I’m cooking here? Make sure the badge fits the event or situation. Sometimes being cheap can cost you money…

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