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Church greeter and usher name tags, helping you to bear the cross

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Wooden Cross Church Name Tag

We have been so blessed that quite a few churches have chosen to allow us to provide them with various name tags for their congregations. There is a great need for church staff, usher, greeter and member name tags. Name tags for church staff members helps to bring a feeling of familiarity and facilitates interaction between members, visitors and staff. Lets face it going to a new church be a bit daunting at first. So many new faces, new surroundings and that uneasy feeling of being in a new place. Name tags are a great way to put a name with a face, and makes breaking the ice much easier for visitors or members returning after a long absence.

So lets talk about design for church name tags and badges. Some churches have logos or designs that represent their facility. Most churches will place their logo on their badges, however if you do not have a logo we have several nice designs we may add to your badge. We offer crosses, doves, praying hands, bibles, churches and most religious clip art (always at no additional charge). Some churches will go with both names and titles, however some just stick with names only. By not placing a title on a badge this allows the wearer to be able to wear their badge longer if their title changes. Some of the titles for badge wearers;


However do remember that each tag is totally customizable, so feel free to ask for any thing you may want – all at no additional charge of course. Some clients even order tags with just the church name/logo and leave the rest of the tag blank to customize onsite with a label maker. This allows for reuse of the badges which helps to keep you cost to a minimum.

We produce most of the badges for churches from a plastic material, however metal is available at no additional charge. The metal has a rich upscale look, however the custom shapes are not available.  We do offer a metal look plastic that is very nice and is available in custom shapes. We imprint your design either by laser engraver or with our digital printer for those of you that need full color printing.

OK so you are ready to order – now what do you do? Call us, simple and easy, we will discuss your needs to make sure you receive the right badge that fits your unique needs. We don’t push you to design your name tags online, we do all the work. We will work up several designs to choose from and email them over for your approval. How does that sound?

Did I mention how friendly we are? You will like that too!

Remember to trust the name tag professionals when you have a need for church name tags – nametagpros.com.