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Cool business and organization name tags

cool business name tagOK so I know that business name tags are not that exciting, but that does not mean you have to settle for boring. You know the one, white surface / black lettering – Hi my name is “BORING” yea you see them each and everyday. The worker drones in their cubicles, working for the man. Unfortunately most companies do not think differently or act differently. Sure they embrace the new technology – but lose the time tested values of great companies.

Guess what, it doesn’t have to be that way. Think differently, act differently.

cool name tag for businessHere at nametagpros.com we embrace new technologies but keep the same values that have made us a leader in the business name tag community. We produce badges with the latest design techniques and equipment available today. But we have not lost our core values of providing friendly helpful service and great products. Business isn’t that hard, the basic values of successful businesses are still just as much true today as 50 years ago. Provide great service, have friendly helpful staff members and charge a reasonable price. Everybody talks about it but few deliver – WE DELIVER.

cool custom shaped business name tags

With that in mind we though it would be cool if we developed a line of name tags with unique shapes for our customers to choose from. We offer over 14 stock shapes to choose from. Each may be customized with your unique logo graphic and personalization. The badges are laser engraved which means the badge features a surface color and a letter color. With a wide range of color combinations to choose from, most customers have little difficulty in deciding on a badge that fits their needs. The engraved plastic creates a professional looking name tag with great durability. And the best part is the tags are the same price as our standard name badges.

So it is no longer necessary to settle for plain and ordinary name tags, get creative with our stock shaped name tags. And remember when you need name tags and badges trust the authorities nametagpros.com