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Creative name tags – easier than you think


creative shaped name tag   So are you ready for something different in name tags? Tired of the same old same old? Want to make a bold statement, show how innovative you are? Or how about a name tag that says – “hey I am fun and different”…well it is easier and more affordable than you think.

In so many ways modern technology is a wonderful thing. With the advent of computerized routers, lasers and full color digital printers producing  creative name tags is quite easy. All it takes is a little thought and imagination and you can change a boring lackluster product into an eye catching, conversation provoking billboard for your clothing.

Hot Dog Name TagMost of the creative name tags produced are manufactured from a plastic laminated material. The reason plastic is the most popular is that it is easily shaped with a router or laser. The plastic which is 1/16 inch thick is decorated by laser engraving or digitally printing in full color. Most shapes and sized are easily fabricated and production time is quite quick.

Creative Name Tag

The laser engraved tags are awesome looking and fine detailing and shaping is easily accomplished. The only drawback to the laser engraved name tags is the limitations in color. Engraved name tags are strictly a two color process, which means you have a surface color and a letter color for the tag. With this said there are many two color selections to choose from, so finding a suitable color combination should not be that large of a problem.

Custom shaped rocket name tag

For those of you with great artistic talent or imagination our creative name tags in full color definitely outshine all others. This type tag is custom cut with a router and then printed in full color with your unique design. The beauty of this type tag is that you can print a tag in multiple colors in small quantities at an affordable price. And get this, reorders or 1 or 2 are simple and easy and very affordable as well. If there is a drawback is that super detailed shapes are not available, however most clients do not find that to be a drawback.

So you have decided to go with a custom shaped name tag in full color…now to finish it. What I mean by that is you need to decide on the type of attachment to use. You have several options from magnetic backings, pin backings, clips and even lanyards. The magnetic backing is our most popular since this type tag attaches without punching a hole in your clothing. The magnet is a two piece attachment where a metal bar is attached to the back of the tag and there is a separate magnet piece that fits behind your clothing. Simple and easy without holes! It’s a miracle!

So yes there are many options when creating a creative name tag but the best part is that due to that wonderful thing called technology – this type tag is easily affordable for even the smallest organization or business. So let you mind go and dream up a great looking name tag that will get you and your brand noticed!