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Custom Name Tags for All Types of Names

Custom Name Tags

Custom Name Tags

So in case you did not know this, we produce custom name tags and badges, shocking huh? Not really the coolest of professions but beats digging a ditch in -22 degree weather, not that is a bad job – just not my cup of tea. We do however have our little moments of “self fame”on occasion.  Every year it seems that we are tasked with producing a job or two for unique and sometimes famous people, which is a kick in the pants for someone who produces professional name tags for a living(i.e. not a glamorous gig).

unique custom name tag

It is always fun to go into a national chain store or see a vehicle for a national company that we produced their name tags. But hey it doesn’t take much to make me happy. Name tags are really simple. Some of our “Wall of Badge Fame” are custom shaped and some are plain simple custom metal name tags. Some of the orders have been very large and some have been produced in a small amount for select individuals.

Yes we love making cool name tags, special shapes, cool designs, neat event badges. But we take just as much pride in producing simple custom name tags for everyday businesses, because that is what we are, just some hard working people trying to make a living.

So if you have a need for really cool name tags and badges or just plain simple ones for your business or organization, give us a call we would love tho help you. And remember to trust your name tag orders to the nametagpros!