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Custom Shaped Name Tags…add that wow factor

Custom shaped rocket name tag

Anything out of the ordinary stands out from the rest. Bight colors, unique designs, things printed in a not normal fashion are noticed more than the ordinary things we are used to seeing. That is why a custom shaped name tag adds the “WOW” factor to an ordinary product.

Lets face it you need your name tag to be noticed. The tag is your brand and identifies you with your company. So to distinguish yourself from the competition you need to use new and innovative products. A custom shaped name tag, especially one with unique colors and graphics, can help to make an lasting first impression that is sure to make you memorable in their mind.

custom shaped bone name tag

Custom shaped name tags and badges are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors, hence the phrase “custom”… All custom shaped badges are composed of a plastic material that is either engraved or printed in full color with your graphics. The full color badges are the most impressive but do require a bit more thought and design work in creating the printed graphics. The engraved name tags are a basic two color product with a surface color and letter coloring. Engraved badges are easily shaped but full color imprinting is not an option.

phi mu quatrafoil name tag

A great way to compliment your new name tag is by utilizing a magnetic backing for your badge. This allows you to attach your name tag without punching a hole in your clothing. A few of our clients use a lanyard attachment, however the shape and design of the tag will play a major roll in determining if using the lanyard is a viable option. Most clients chose to go with the magnetic name tag version.

turtle shaped name tagSo why be normal???Stand out from the crowd with an unique and beautiful custom shaped name tag, you will be glad you did.