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Custom Shaped Name Tags Made Quick and Easy

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Custom Shaped Name Badge
Cool Custom Shaped Name Tag For Business


Custom name tags and badges are easy to produce and much more affordable than you think. Now I know if you call one of our competitors you won’t hear that, and the honest truth is that they simply do not want to fool with them. Custom shaping takes a bit more work and a bit more brain power to produce – which most people do not like – so that is why most companies shy away from producing the tags. We love making cool custom shaped name tags for our clients. (And yes our clients love them as well!)


In the good old days name tags were just engraved. You had a letter color choice and a name tag color choice, with limited sizes. However since the laser and full color digital printers came along, name tags have evolved. Now you can easily have a badge in a custom shape with multicolored printing at a surprisingly affordable price. And guess what? You don’t have to purchase 100’s of name tags to have us produce your order. Our minimum initial order is 10 pieces – easier than you thought huh? How about reorders? As few as one piece (we always make extras so reorders are never a problem). And I know you are wondering where the catch is…probably a big set up fee… nope our set up fee is just $19.


Cute custom shaped name badge for business


Custom shaped name tags and badges allow you to add a flair to a boring simple thing. We produce quite a few tags for events, organizations, individuals as well as businesses that want to stand out. Why be boring when it is so easy to be different? The full color digital name tag are my favorite however some client do prefer the engraved versions. These turn out very nice however you are limited by your color choices. Engraved tags feature a surface color and a letter color only so multicolored imprinting is not available. The laser engraved tags do allow for a bit more precise cutting than the digital badge and do turn out very nice.


Most clients finish the name badges with magnetic backings however we do offer various fastening options such as pin backing and lanyards.


So when you need custom made tags for your event think of us – we are the professionals.