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Dental Name Tags – Jazzy and Unique



The days of old plain basic name tags for dentist office are OVER! With the advances in digital printing technology, any dentist office can provide it’s staff with bright full color name tags. Why settle when you can have cute dental name tags? Here at nametagpros.com we offer a variety of stock designs as well as the ability to custom design artwork for your badges. Have a company logo? Not a problem, most logos can be either engraved or digitally imprinted on any badge we offer.

Dental Office Name TagsSo what type of badge is the best for your office? There are several types to choose from however most dental offices tend to choose the plastic type name tags. This type tag is very durable as well as offering the flexibility of being engraved, or printed in full color with your unique design.The engraved name tags are available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. The only drawback of the engraved name tag is that it is strictly a 2 color printing process, with a letter color and a badge color. Whereas the full color plastic name tag can be printed in…well …full color (I know sounds stupid).

Engraved Dental Name Tags

Custom shaped name tags are also an option and allow for a bit of creativity and fun in designing your name tag. Tooth shaped name tags, brushed, and even apples are a few of the stock shapes. But if you are feeling creative then let us know and we can custom design something especially for you.

Custom Shaped Dental Name Tag

Last but not least you have to make one final decision, what type of backing to use on your name tags. The most popular type by far is the magnetic backing. This type backing allows for the wearer to attach the name tag without punching a hole in their clothing. Quick and easy amazing holding power. Of course if you want to stay in the stone ages then a pin backing is always available (it’s a joke…the pins work nice)

Engraved Dental Office Name TagsSo you see, dental name tags have far more design options than the old stogie plain Jane name tags of the past. Live a little and let us design something cute and fun for your office.