How to Use Design and Shapes to Create Custom Plastic Name Badges

Whether you were shopping or at an event, a high-quality plastic name badge has probably caught your attention from time to time. Have you ever stopped to think about what it’s like to create a unique design of your own? Well-designed plastic name tags are key to creating a professional look for your business or making you stand out at an event. 

Plastic name tags are a popular option for all types of businesses and organizations. They are durable, easy to customize, and affordable. It can be a bit overwhelming to think about, though, with all the different design and shape options available. Name Tag Pros has the key to helping your plastic badges stand out and make a lasting impression.

Plastic Name Tags and Traditional Shapes

You always have the classic option of traditional shapes for plastic name badges. Traditional plastic name tags provide a simple, clean look that is recognizable and easy to read. Here is a look at the most popular traditional designs and shapes used for the plastic name badge.

Rectangle Shape

Perhaps the most common shape used for any style or type of name tag is the rectangle. It’s simple and straightforward. It’s perfect for customizing with your full-color logo and other branding elements. 

Oval Shape

The oval is another extremely popular choice for plastic name tags. It’s a bit more unique and visually appealing. It stands out a bit from the traditional rectangular shape.

Square Shape

Square shapes are another classic choice for a plastic name tag design. It’s a simple, symmetrical design that is easily customized and easy to read.

Round Shape

A round shape is also an exceptional option for plastic name badges. The round shape offers a softer design that is a bit more organic in nature. It is easily customized with graphics or your logo.

Traditional shapes and designs are a safe and reliable option when you are designing plastic name tags. But you also have the option of a more unique design that you can unleash a bit more creativity into. 

Custom Shapes and Designs for Plastic Name Badges

You can use a custom-shaped name tag to make your brand stand out. They are also a great option if you want to reflect both your brand and a little bit of your culture or personality. Here are some of the most popular custom shapes for name tags.

Custom Cut-Out Shapes

One of the most popular options is a custom cut-out shape. You can literally make the name tag in any shape you want. It can be the shape of your logo or anything else that reflects your industry. Here are a few examples.

  • Real Estate Professionals: key or house-shaped plastic name tags
  • Veterinarian: paw print or a bone
  • Educators: pencil, book, or a schoolhouse shape
  • Dental Offices: tooth-shaped name badge

Your imagination is the only thing that can limit your creativity!

Custom Graphics and Logos

You can personalize your plastic name tag by adding custom graphics and logos. The name tag can bear your company’s logo, an image that represents the organization, or a favorite quote.

Unique Typography and Fonts

 The font or typography used on a plastic name tag has a huge impact on its overall design. An eye-catching font can make your name tags stand out and be even more memorable.

Multicolor Designs

Using a multicolor design adds visual interest to a plastic name tag. It also makes the name badge more appealing and eye-catching. Different colors can be used to highlight specific information. Or they can be used to create a unique design that reflects your organization’s culture or brand.

Tips for Choosing the Right Shape and Design for Your Plastic Name Badge

Choosing the right shape and design for your plastic name tag is important. You want it to represent your organization, brand, or personal style accurately. Let’s take a look at a few tips that can help you get the right design and shape.

Consider Your Brand.

You’ll want to keep your brand in mind if you are designing a plastic name tag for an organization or business. Make sure the name tag’s shape, design, and colors adequately reflect your brand’s visual identity, values, and personality.

Keep it Simple.

Of course, you want your plastic name badge to be eye-catching, but you also want it to be simple and easily read. Your name tag should convey the necessary information to others quickly and clearly.

Select a Readable Font.

The type of font or typography used on a name badge has a huge impact on readability. Make sure the font you choose is easy to read and that it matches the badge’s overall design. 

Think About the Size and Layout.

Your name tag’s size and layout should be appropriate for your industry and its intended use. It should be a size that is easy to see and read from a distance.

Be Creative.

Traditional name tag designs and shapes are a safe option. But don’t be afraid to be a bit more creative with the design. Unique shapes, custom graphics, and other elements can make your badge stand out for all the right reasons and make it more memorable.

Name Tag Pros & Custom Plastic Name Badges

Do you have an idea for a plastic name tag design? At Name Tag Pros, we’ve been making name badges for decades. We can help you incorporate your unique design elements into your plastic name badge! You never have to worry about the final result, as we will help you choose the right colors, fonts, shapes, and graphics to make your name badge stand out like it should. Call us today and get help from the pros!

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