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Eco Friendly Name Tags – Green for you Green for Me

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Eco Friendly Name Badge For Business

Eco Friendly Name Tags

RELAX! That’ right you can find eco friendly name tags for your business right here at the name tag professionals. It is true, the save the world initiative has finally reached the name tag and badge world. Hey there is nothing wrong with doing what we can to make what GOD gave us last a bit longer. So that is why we offer a wooden name tag for businesses and organizations.

wooden business staff name tags

Wooden name tags are really quite cool. They offer a unique look as well as the ability to custom shape designs to fit unique situations. We start with a sheet of alder wood and laser cut your design into the tag. The laser creates a dark color etching that contrast nicely with the light alder color. This makes your brand as well as employee names very noticeable. These laser etched wooden tags come in a variety of rectangular sizes as well as ovals. As a matter of fact we can cut any size – any shape you may need.

Oval wooden employee name tag

OK so you love the wooden badge and need to know some specifics, I will cover most of them below.

  • Wooden badges ship in one day – so production time is quite quick
  • We CAN NOT PRINT LOGOS IN COLOR – the badges are etched and the resulting color is determined by the laser
  • The edges of the badges are dark – just like the lettering (since we laser cut the tags out of a large sheet)
  • Personalization is included in the price.
  • Any size badge – any number of lines – same AWESOME price.
  • Most people choose the magnetic backing for the tags – these hold quite well
  • No minimum order on wooden badges – need one? not a problem
  • We can not alter the color of the lettering or edges – the laser makes that decision.
  • Wooden badges do not work well with label makers. Short term they are ok but the label does not stick to the tag for long periods of time.

OK so you love what you hear about eco friendly wooden name tags, so how do you order? CALL US!!! EMAIL US!!


We keep it simple and easy, no online forms, designers etc, let us do all the work – don’t you have a real job?


Remember when you need name tags and badges trust the professionals – nametagpros.com