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Name Tags for Employees that Recognize and Connect

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For those of you who do not know, one may place more that just name, title and logo on an employee name tag. No really, there are no rules against placing unique information on the badges. I know you are use to seeing “Hi my name is Todd – How may I help you” on Name Tags for Employees but lets broaden our thinking and see what we can do. So many options since there is quite a bit of real estate that goes unused on most badges.

Name Tags for Employees

The additional info that you may place on the tag can depend upon your business. Like the example above – a theater – the tag has the person top 2 favorite movies. Or say you work at a veterinary office or pet hotel, one my have their pets names on their name tag. How about a motorcycle shop – what type of bike you own.

I am sure you are wondering why in the world someone would place silly information on their employee name badges…This type of additional information may lead to casual conversation with potential customers, which is always a good thing. Just by having this seemingly insignificant information on the badge may help foster a sort of kinship with a potential or current client – which may ultimately lead to increase business.

So in plain English – people like to deal with people they know and trust – if you have something in common with someone you generally tend to trust them more. Also by having a creative fun name tag this shows you are not like your competitors.

Another great thing to add is something like years of service. This recognizes your employees – always a good thing – for they years of dedicated service. Also by having the service years on the badges this allows people that interact with them to realize the level of expertise they may possess. Once again, always a good thing.

I like to know when I have questions that I am speaking with someone who has the answers.

The name badge surface is not just a blank area to print on, it is a canvas which to create something creative, fun, entertaining as well as useful. So put that grey matter between your ears to good use and think of something unique to place on your employee badges. Your employees as well as your customers will thank you for it!

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