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Employee name tags that are right for you.


Employers today are faced with quite a few challenges when purchasing employee name tags. Each business has it’s own unique needs so one style name tag product does not fit all. So which style employee name tag do you need? Read on and hopefully we can make things a bit clearer.


Reusable Name Tag
Reusable Name Tag

Employee name tags come with a variety of options depending upon your special needs. If your business has a high turn over in employees, such as restaurants, recreational facilities, discount stores, then a reusable name tag would be the most cost effective name tag product to purchase. There are a few different styles of reusable name tags to choose from such as our window badges and our basic reusable badges. The window name tag features a full color digital imprint with a spot to insert a card with the employees name. Once the employee is no longer employed then simply slip the card out of the slot and insert a new card with the new employees name. Simple and easy and you did not waste a name tag. Window name tags can only be purchased in bulk with a minimum order of 50 pieces. However if you need upwards of 500 pieces the badge become quite affordable. The second type of reusable name tag is a basic name tag with  you logo or business name imprinted with a spot left for the employees name to be applied externally. These badges are available in all the styles we offer and are personalized with either a label maker so when you need a new name tag just personalize it on the spot and your staff is ready to meet the world! Reusable name tags produced properly exhibit a professional image that is not far behind our permanent badges in appearance – but much more affordable.


Employee Name Tag Engraved
Engraved Employee Name Tag

A permanent name tag is of course the most attractive choice in employee name tags. These badges generally come with the company or organization name or logo, and the employees name and or title. Permanent name tags are great for businesses that have low employee turnover or one that is looking for a bit more upscale appearance for their staff. Styles of employee name tags vary from metal to plastic with either a digital or engraved imprint. Permanent name tags are more expensive as they are supposed to last for many years.

Each type business generally has an accepted norm for their employee name tags so use that as your guide. Most people understand when they are in a restaurant that their waiter will probably be wearing a name tag that is reusable – but you wouldn’t want your loan officer to have one with a name strip on his badge! Not a lot of faith there…