How to Make Employees Feel Safer About Wearing Name Tags at Work

With the risks of identity theft and scammers on the rise, some employees may feel uncomfortable about wearing name badges at work. A person can easily find social media accounts and other information if they know their name and place of employment. Stealing another person’s identity can wreak havoc in their lives and finances. 

Secondly, some employees are uncomfortable wearing name tags at work for fear of being harassed. When your employees wear name badges, a vendor, co-worker, or employee can ask for them by name. if an employee has been harassed in the past, it can be frightening. They may object to wearing name tags at work.  However, there are some ways employers can set employees' fears at ease about wearing their name badges.

Keeping Employees and Customers Happy

Of course, you want to resolve any safety concerns your employees may have about wearing name badges at work. Employees who feel safe at work will be happier, more productive, and more loyal. Their stress levels will be lower and they will be more willing to take risks to find creative solutions. Ideally, you want your employees to feel safe wearing name tags at work, so they will feel like they want to do their best. 

There is also a direct correlation between happy employees and satisfied customers. An employee’s attitude about work can set the tone for a customer’s experience. When employees are happy, customers are going to enjoy doing business with them – and with your company. 

There is a lot to be gained from wearing employee name tags, so it’s worth the extra effort to ensure that your employees feel safe and are safe wearing them. You will have happy employees and enjoy the benefits of better customer service.

Tips for Making Employees Feel Safer Wearing Name Tags at Work

You can change how employees feel about wearing name tags at work by stressing how a name tag increases safety. Once employees understand how name tags improve safety and security in the workplace, they will feel better about wearing them. Here are some ways wearing name tags at work improves security.

Name Tags Prevent Trespassing

Name tags make it easier for security personnel and staff members to identify those who are allowed into the facility. If a person is not wearing a company name tag, they do not belong. Since your employees and security guards are used to seeing co-workers wear name badges, it just takes a second to realize if it is missing. Quick response to abnormal activity helps keep the workplace safe.

Identify Visitors

Visitor ID badges offer an extra layer of protection for employees. They alert the team members to visitors who are allowed access. By requiring visitors to wear ID badges that display their names, any harassment or inappropriate behaviors can be easily reported. Reusable name badges for visitors should bear the visitors’ first and last names.

Take Precautions

Wearing name tags at work is not likely to put your employees in any danger. However, taking precautions helps employees feel safe and avoids legal issues. One way to help employees feel safer wearing name badges is to use just their first names. You may consider allowing them to use their nicknames on name tags too, depending on your industry. If two employees have the same first name, perhaps add last initials. This helps protect employees’ identities while avoiding confusion. 

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