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Event and Conference Name Tags – thoughts and ideas

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Conference name tag black

So today lets talk about event and conference name tags and some design elements to think about. The image above is a basic tag used for a financial conference. Nice contrast in colors, balance text and logo design, really nice looking badge. But ask your self…what is the most important thing on the badge? Why are you wearing a name (hint – hint) tag anyway? You got it – the name is the most important element. So wouldn’t it make a bit more sense to make the name a bit larger? Hey I have a hard enough time reading anyway so the larger the name on someones name tag, the easier it is for me to see and recognize their name. Lets see what we can do to improve this design – of course this is my opinion – and so you can take that for what it is worth.

Event name tag blackSo here we have moved the name to the top of the badge and enlarged the type size. The logo is now smaller but we made it red to contrast the color and make it jump a bit. This is a bit better, however names with ALL CAPS are difficult to read since all the letters run together. Also – Arial for the type style, we can do better than that.

Event and Conference Name badgeOK so this one has upper and lower case letters on the name which makes it a bit more readable, but the font is too thin and doesn’t go with the logo style. But we are moving in the right direction.

Event and Conference Name Tag Idea

Here is my favorite, upper and lower case letters, type style matches logo design, first name is large and prominent. Mission accomplished! Now some people will say – “oooh a black name tag, white looks so much better” True, in some cases with certain color logos yes it looks much better. See what you think of the one below.Event Name BadgeNot bad…..But I like the black better.

So you see some small simple changes can help to make your name tags actually a bit more effective. However you don’t have to worry about such things, do you know why? Because we are the name tag authorities! Trust us with your business and we do all the work for from design to production. Don’t you have a real job? Designing name tags does not need to add to your work load. Trust the professionals – nametagpros.com