3 Interesting Evolving Name Tag Trends in 2023

Name badges are an essential accessory that is constantly improving and evolving. Technology continues to advance, which encourages changes in design and creative possibilities. A name badge is more than just an identification tool; they are a personalized accessory that can reflect individuality and professionalism and help foster connections. This holds true across various industries, including hospitality, food service, education, and healthcare. Let’s take a quick look at some of the emerging and evolving trends in name tags in 2023.

2023 Name Tag Trend #1: Sustainability and Name Tags

The trends toward sustainability have impacted numerous industries, including name tags. There is a general heightened awareness of environmental issues. Along with it, there is a growing sense of responsibility. There’s no doubt that over the coming years, name badge manufacturers will continue to explore innovative solutions in this arena. At Name Tag Pros, we continue to provide numerous sustainable options and eco-friendly materials. Three options include:

  • Engraved Plastic Name Tags. Plastic name tags are extremely durable and long-lasting. This means less waste since companies do not have to replace them often, if at all.
  • Reusable Name Badges. Many industries choose reusable name tags because of a high worker turnover rate. These durable name tags are a great option and can be reused rather than tossed and reordered. They also make great options for visitor name tags and seasonal workers.
  • Eco-friendly Wood Name Tags. A wooden name badge has a classic, professional look. Engraved wood name tags are a great option for the environment.

2023 Name Tag Trend #2: Personalized Graphics, Icons, and Logos

For a company, a personalized name tag design becomes an exceptional tool. The full-color logo, graphic, or icon chosen as part of the name tag’s design showcases the company’s personality and speaks of its reputation. Name tags have unlimited design possibilities. They can represent a company’s mission, purpose, or achievements. They can also be designed to display awards the wearer has received or the number of years they have served the company. No matter what you decide to include in the design, the name tag is your canvas. It provides a visual representation of your business identity and makes a strong visual impact. A solid design provides an aesthetic appeal and catches the attention of others for all the right reasons.

2023 Name Tag Trend #3: Innovative Shapes

There was a day when all name tags were the same size. No one had the capability of standing out from the crowd. But at Name Tag Pros, you have the option of custom-shaped name tags. And get this – they can be any shape you want. If you want to use any geometric shape or add visual appeal with any unique shape. You can easily depart from conventional name tag shapes and create a design that fits your company or business culture. Be as creative as you wish; nothing’s off the table. 

Run a pizza shop? How about a pizza or slice of pizza shape? Realtors and other real estate professionals can design a name badge shaped like a house or like a key. Dental professionals can choose a tooth-shaped name badge. Be creative. Be YOU!

Get Innovative, Creative, Custom Name Badges from Name Tag Pros

Give Name Tag Pros a call today, and let’s talk about your design and how it can make a positive impact on your business. Let us help you update your design and choose a modern, trendy option to help set you ahead in today’s competitive marketplace. We have the experience and expertise you’ve been looking for. Partner with us to create your name tags today. We’ll make the ordering process as fast and hassle-free as possible!

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