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Free Sample Name Tags

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Tri Delta silver metal name tag new logo

Get your FREE sample name tags and badges right here! Come one come all… FREE sample name tags. That’s right we have free random samples of name tags we have printed for various companies and organizations. You see our theory of how to run our business is this, if you are not happy with your purchase that is a bad thing. Now most companies say that, but do they mean it? How many times have you been dissatisfied with a purchase and returned it only to be meet with a difficult experience? No one needs that, beside, here at nametagpros we hate hassles. And to be honest, if you are not happy – you will become a hassle for us (It’s ok to laugh, every time I tell someone that, they laugh – but is is true and you know it)

Tri Sigma New Name Tag Design


So to minimize this sort of bad experience we offer free random samples – not a free name tag printed the way you want – but samples of the style of name tag you are interested in purchasing. We have hundreds of samples of badges we printed such as

Just about any style you are interested in purchasing, we have those available for the low low price of FREE.99. Now it does cost us to send you the badges, but that is ok with us. You see I would rather send you samples and have you feel the weight and check out the quality, before you purchase. If you do not like them – no worries – disaster averted – simply throw the badge in the trash.

Zeta Tau Alpha Black Name Tag


You see, most top end name badge producers sell very similar badges. What separates us from the competition is how we treat you, (Like FREE samples) and the great attention we provide each and every customer. I would love to say the way we print is superior to our competition, but it isn’t, everyone is really pretty good. Now I do feel we go to extra lengths to make sure you design prints properly. We always clean up logos, use nice design ideas and offer little extras that our competitors do not. We separate ourselves by providing all the little extras that make ordering name tags and badges super easy and hassle free (didn’t I say we hate hassles?).

So when you are looking to purchase name tags and badges for your business or organization trust the professionals at nametagpros.com!


P.S. – If you don’t trust us go ahead and give us a dry run and order a free sample name tag!