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Greeter or Usher Name Tags for Churches

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Usher and greeter name tags and name badges for churches

Sometimes attending a new or different church can seem to be a daunting task. You don’t know anyone there, you have no idea where to sit, no concept of the service, that is where an usher or greeter makes your presence much more enjoyable. But how do you know who is an usher or greeter…unless they are wearing a name tag! That is why it is so crucial to have your staff wearing usher and greeter name tags and name badges for churches. Sure everyone there know who the mail personnel are but if you are new it is easy to get lost in a sea of faces. Make sure these crucial members are easily noticed with a high quality metal or plastic name tag. We find that the upscale look of metal adds to the attire of your usher and greeter to makes their appearance seem a bit more professional. Like someone you can trust or who knows what is going on in the church.

All of our greeter or usher name tags are either digitally imprinted in full color with your church logo or laser engraved. Most of these type tags come with a magnetic backing, which attaches to the persons clothes without punching a whole in their garment, and no one wants holes in their Sunday clothes.

Each and every month more an more churches are realizing the importance of these name tags. Your greeters and ushers are the face of the church, the first point of contact for prospective members. Make it easy on your guest by equipping each person with a high quality beautiful name tag. Remember you only have once to make a good first impression.