Your Easy Guide to Designing Perfect Photo Name Badges for a Business

Some business professionals mistakenly think having photo ID name badges is just a cliché accessory that offices need. But the truth is that photo name tags can play an important role in many industries. Because of their important purpose, considering their design is extremely important. When you use a photo ID name tag, you go past identifying your staff, which is an important feature of any type of name tag. Photo name tags can also help increase security and help control accessibility to various areas of your facility. Take a look at our easy guide to designing custom name badges for your business. The goal is to get the design perfect, so it will serve your company well.

Is There a Difference Between Name Tags and Name Badges?

Most of the time, name tag and name badge are used interchangeably. In one sense, they are the same. However, there is a difference between the two that many miss. Businesses usually use name tags as a courtesy for clients and customers, particularly in customer-facing environments. A well-designed professional name tag contains the employee or staff member’s name, title, and sometimes the company logo or company name. On the other hand, name badges typically contain more than a person’s name and title. Most of the time, photo ID name badges are used to heighten security measures and allow employees access to specified areas in a building or office.

Information to Include on Any Name Tag Design

Whether you decide to use photo ID name badges or professional engraved name tags, the information they contain, other than the photo, will usually be the same. Most name tag styles and designs include:

Some businesses may choose to include an address, contact number, and social media info to encourage connection. Using a Photo ID name badge gives a business more usable space, which increases the amount of information that can be shared reasonably.

Name Tags With or Without Photos?

There are a few advantages worth considering when choosing a name tag’s design and style. There is no advantage to choosing photo name tags in some settings. But in other settings, having photo ID name tags is advantageous. Let’s look at a few advantages of photo name tags.

1. Identification

One of the biggest advantages of a photo ID name badge is that employees are very quickly identified by the photo on the name tag. This is a great way to increase security since a person’s appearance can easily be cross-examined using the photo on their name tag.

2. Improved Engagement and Relations

Another huge benefit that comes from implementing a photo name badge is that it looks more professional. It’s a great way to extend and showcase the company’s brand. For example, if you were to run into two employees from different companies, you are more likely to be inclined to engage with the person who is wearing a photo ID name badge over the person with a traditional name tag. Including a photo on a name tag design communicates the company’s values and echoes that their employees are not just a number but instead have a face and place in the company.

3. Employee Accountability

Another way photo ID name badges benefit a company is by increasing accountability. Name tags can be used to track when an employee checks in or out of your office and what rooms they’ve been allowed access to throughout the day. Additionally, photo name badges make each person more accountable for the name tag itself. If they lose a name badge outside of workspaces, for example, whoever finds it can easily return it since the photo identifies the person. It’s easier to return.

Choosing Fonts for Photo ID Name Badges

There are two key concepts that must be addressed when choosing fonts for name tags. These two are legibility and availability. Not all font styles are readable. Some are readable close-up, others from a distance. Make sure the font improves the readability of the name tag’s information. There are a few fonts that work well on most name tag designs:

  • Arial
  • Clarendon
  • Futura
  • Garamond
  • Helvetica
  • Times New Roman
  • Verdana

Choosing fonts also means determining if you want fonts with serifs or sans serifs. Serifs are little lines and flourishes that are used to make a typeface look more sophisticated. However, when placed on name tags, they can be more distracting than helpful. In most instances, it’s best to avoid serif fonts.

Name Tag Pros: Photo ID Name Badge Experts

There are a lot of things to take into account when designing your company’s employee name tags. For example, it’s critical to find the perfect contrast between your logo, text, and images, especially if you want the details to be visible and readable by others. Name Tag Pros can help you bring all the elements together in a unique, effective design so you can reap all the benefits of a photo ID name badge. Contact us today, and let us know how we can help!

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