Image Preparation Tips

Photo name tags are a great way to show you are committed to professionalism and security, which in turn will help to build trust with your clients. The largest problem encountered when producing in Photo ID badges is bad photographs. One does not have to be a professional photographer to produce great photos for badges. By following the guidelines below you will help us to produce fantastic looking ID badges for your business.

Photos Tips – The most crucial part of the entire process is the actual taking of the photos. Here are some guidelines.Photo Badge for business

  • Make sure you take all the photos on the same color background. A light background is preferred. Dark backgrounds and dark skinned people do not make for good photo ID’s.
  • Take each photo from the same distance if possible. Remember having your photo taken at the DMV? Each one is take the same distance from the camera.
  • Have the person smile. This is not a mug shot, people like smiling faces.
  • Take the photos inside if possible; outside images tend to be inconsistent.
  • Remember the ID badge turns out only as good as the photo – so center the image, do not cut off the head
    and make sure the image is not blurry. We cannot fix bad photos.
  • Take your time.If one photos does not look good, take another photo.
  • DO NOT CROP THE IMAGE BEFORE SUBMITTING. We will crop the image to make sure each photo is very uniform.
  • Send photos no smaller than 3 inches x 3 inches.

Naming Photos – To simplify your order you can submit the images in a couple of ways.

  • Rename the photo and call it the name of the person.
  • Or make a list such as 001.jpg – Mike Smith or 002.jpg – Sue Smith this lets us know whose name goes with which photo. If you have questions with this please give us a call and we will be glad to help you with this.

Submitting Files – The easiest way is to directly email the files to us. Send no more that 10 at a time, there is no need in submitting one photo at a time. However we will take them anyway you prefer to send them. Just take good quality photos and your badges will turn out fantastic! Call or email us with any questions.