How to Design School Name Tags to Improve Security

Schools across the US take measures to keep their campuses safe. One strategy many schools are adopting is designing name tags to clearly identify their students, faculty, and teachers. School name tags can be intentionally designed to help enhance security measures on campuses.

How School Name Badges Help Protect Students

Communities, parents, and schools are working together to improve school safety. School violence is on the rise and it isn’t limited to a single age group, it touches students of all ages. School districts and states are working to improve the safety of all schools for everyone from pre-k grades through high school and college. Yet the problem in schools continues as there are still threats, gun violence, fights, and physical attacks. Schools are taking steps to combat these and other threats to campus security. The multifaceted efforts to decrease school violence include a variety of strategies including providing more student supervision to keeping unauthorized visitors off campuses.

Unifying School Name Badges

To prevent outsiders from mimicking the design, you can add specific details to your student name tags. Adding details about the person who wears the badge helps prevent access with fraudulent name tags. Photo name tags are a great idea for schools so that each person on campus is identified by providing their name and picture on their badge. Designating a specific visitor name tag design helps keep unauthorized persons off campuses. 

Design badges with a unified look by using color accents and your school’s logo. You can add a vibrant color for the background so they can be identified from a distance. You can also customize the name tag’s shape, size, colors, and font. These are critical details that distinguish the name tags. 

How to Choose and Design School Name Tags

Here are some of the ways you can distinguish your school’s name badges:

  • Use the same color and style of lanyards for ID badges
  • Make them all horizontal or vertical
  • Add your school logo
  • Include photos of the wearer
  • Use a double-sided design
  • Design name tags with color accents like stripes or background colors

Improving Your School’s Identification Policies

Many schools are investigating affordable ways to change identification policies. Updating your school’s name tags affects the entire campus. Schools often require their students, faculty, and staff to wear name tags all the time they are on campus. Adhering to these policies can help improve safety. Name tags inform everyone of a person’s purpose on campus from attending classes to working in the office or just visiting. Adding name tags helps address concerns of unauthorized or unwanted visitors. It’s a visual cue that can help teachers, parents, and students find some peace of mind.

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