How a Little Name Tag Makes a Big Difference at Business Events

There is a lot of pressure when hosting a networking event. You want to create just the right atmosphere whether it’s a cocktail party for your clients, a business event for fostering new business relationships, or just a team-building activity for your company. No matter if the event is large or small, it can be the smallest details that make the biggest difference. 

Name Tag Disasters

If your event is designed to connect people, you’ll want to provide name badges for them on their arrival. Of course, it’s simpler to hand them a sticky, “Hello my name is…” name tag and a magic marker. But that doesn’t really equate to a warm, welcoming first interaction. What’s worse than that? Watching your guests stick and re-stick the name badges to their clothing throughout the event. Thankfully, you are not with them once they arrive home and are peeling name tags off the bottom of their shoes!

 Name Tags Worth the Investment 

 A name badge is one of those little details that can end up making a huge difference in your event. High-quality name badges are worth the extra expense. If the budget allows name badges with magnetic backings are an excellent choice. They are attached to clothing using powerful small magnets and don’t poke holes in clothing like pin backings do. High-quality magnetic name badges are beneficial for elevating the perceived quality of the event.

 Name Badge Presentation 

 How you present name tags at your event matters too. It can set the tone for the entire event and make or break first impressions. One way to add a nice touch is to organize them alphabetically on tables near the entry. People tend to be curious, so they will want to glance through the attendees. They may find someone they already know or someone they have been wanting to connect with. Make sure to include each individual’s name, their company name if applicable, or their department if you are hosting a company event. When attendees notice names of high-level and respected individuals in your company or industry, they will be proud to be associated with the event. 

 Adding Value to Your Event 

 Having a name badge pickup table can add value to your event. Recognize VIPs with a small icon on their name badges or highlight them by providing name badges in a different color. It’s a perk for your special VIP guests or for event sponsors. The area around the name tag pickup table provides for easy communication between guests. Introduce them to each other while they are picking up their name badges. This encourages conversations among those entering the event together. They are more likely to connect and engage rather than heading to their seat to check their email or social media. These simple, but powerful actions add value to your event. 

 Networking Power 

 Most people won’t bring assistants with them to the event. That means they don’t have someone beside them to whisper the name of an approaching potential investor. Name badges help save face for those who may need to introduce their new boss to an old associate whose name escapes them. Hosts and guests can call each other by name. When you see a name and use that person’s name, you are more likely to remember it later on. Event name badges can go a long way in helping to develop relationships. 

 Event Name Tags from Name Tag Pros 

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