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Looking for a good name tag company

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good metal name tagSo you are looking for a good name tag company. What exactly does that mean?

There are quite a few elements that go into the making of a good name tag company (or any company as a matter of fact.To me the number 1 reason whether I consider a company good or not is the people that work there. I buy from people, I don’t buy from companies. Lets face it most companies products are very similar. Our name tags are really good, so are most of  my competitors.  What makes us different is that we have better people, with a better philosophy of how to take care of customers than anyone else, period. Do we make mistakes, sure. Do we fix them, absolutely. However there is absolutely no other name tag company that will go to the extremes we do to make sure you are happy with your order. As a matter of fact I tell customers daily that if I can not make them happy we do not want to produce their name tags. Why? Who needs unhappy customers? Nobody!  Do you want to be unhappy? Of course not. How many companies have you dealt with lately have told you if they can’t make you happy, they didn’t want your business? Let me guess – that would be ZERO.

Here are some things that you will never hear from us concerning your order:

  • We you approved the proof so we will have to charge you to fix YOUR mistake (we never point out customers mistakes, we just fix them. Now if you become an ass – YES I WILL POINT OUT YOUR MISTAKE. This happens about once a year – but most of the time we still fix it for free.
  • Oh well we will have to charge you a rush fee because you ordered to late. Really? Charge for good service? Give me a freakin break.
  • OK well fill out our online form and send in your order because that is the way we do it. Again – REALLY? We will take your order over the phone if needed, take it by fax, email and even carrier pigeon if need be. Do you know the best way to send us an order? THE WAY THAT IS THE EASIEST FOR YOU!
  • I’m sorry all representatives are busy (the dreaded phone circle) please leave a message or hold on. You call – we answer – simple. Real people answering the phone – and the best part…They actually know about name tags and have the power to make decisions to get your order produced on time.
  • Well go to our name tag designer and send  us your design and we will get your order going. ONCE AGAIN – REALLY! When you go to a restaurant do you have to cook your own food? We do all the work – so you do not have to.
  • Oh let me check my email, it’s been a couple of days since I checked for new messages.  Do I really have to even write about that. We check ours every 15 minutes during business hours. You send us something – we respond – RIGHT AWAY.
  • OH, well you didn’t tell us thatThat is my favorite… We look at every possible problem with your order and we bring those questions to light, before we start working for you. What is the point of doing the job when there are problems – do you know why? BECAUSE YOU WILL BE UNHAPPY (SEE ABOVE ABOUT UNHAPPY CUSTOMERS). This is my number one thing about companies that make them SUCK.

OK so I am now coming down off my soap box. I’m no genius, but the bottom line to being is business is having happy customers. A lot of people talk the talk but do not back it up – WE DO.

Charge a fair price, make great products, delivery them on time, make doing business with you easier than someone else. And oh yea – do it with a smile.

So remember when you are looking for a good name tag company trust the authorities nametagpros.com