Name Tag Design Bootcamp: How to Design Name Badges for Your Event

They say that dynamite comes in small packages. Name tags are one of those small packages that offer a mighty big bang for your buck. When you are designing an event name badge,  you want to get it right the first time. Think about the purpose of the event name tag, it’s to make attendees’ names and information available, so they are easily identified by event staff and especially by other attendees. 

Even though its definition makes it sound simple, there are numerous factors to be considered when creating a successful name badge design. Let’s outline everything you need to know to create a great event name badge.

Step 1: Identify Your Goals Before You Begin

When you start designing, there are two goals that should be kept in mind. The first goal is to provide information about the person who is going to be wearing the name tag. The second goal is to encourage communication and networking opportunities between attendees, speakers, vendors, and anyone else who attends the event. 

Networking is one of the primary reasons people attend events. They want to be able to identify others quickly so they can get the conversation going quickly. This is where the power of a professional name badge comes in. 

The important pieces of the puzzle include name, job title, and company information. This helps attendees who are looking to network with specific people or for specific purposes. Making sure this information is visible on the name tags also helps event staff and organizers identify those who are part of the event and who are not.

Step 2: Focus on the Name

One of the first decisions to make is where to place the name on the name tag. You can choose to use the first and last name, first name and last initial, or just the first name of the attendee. The first name is the most essential part. It should be visible from a distance. Those who are networking can work quickly to recognize who is at the event. It also serves as a quick reminder that may have been forgotten from an earlier introduction. It’s also a great perk if you are one of those who has a hard time with names.

Step 3: Use the Space Wisely

You want the person’s name to be prominent, but you can also use a full-color logo or custom event artwork. Most badges are about 4x6 inches, so it needs to be treated like precious real estate. While branding is valuable, attendees know where they are, so the logo or event name doesn’t need to be seen from a distance as the name does. 

Step 4: Know the Don’ts!

There are a couple of things to avoid when designing an event name badge. Firstly, don’t over-design. This is one place where “less is more” comes into play. There isn’t a need to try to use fancier, hard-to-read fonts. Choose a font that is clear, bold, and easy to read. Also, you don’t want to use too many colored borders or lines around the name tag’s information. Aesthetically, think of the name badge elements coming together to create a story rather than being separate snapshots.

Let Name Tag Pros Help!

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