Design Guidelines

For those clients wanting to design their own name tags we offer the following information guidelines. Remember these are only guidelines that we use but feel free to use your own creativity to design your tags.

  • Typestyles: We recommend using a typestyle that complements your logo or graphic design. If you have certain typestyles that are utilized in your logo, then you should select a style that is in the same typestyle family. In other words, if you have a logo that uses sanserif typestyles (this article uses a sanserif typestyle) then use san serif style for the name. We do not recommend mixing styles.
  • Name Tag Size: When designing your name tag we always suggest that you let the size of the name tag, fit your artwork. Do not try to make the art fit a predetermined size. We do offer standard size, but since all of our sizes are the same price, choose the one that fits your art the best. The most common sizes are 1 inch x 3 inches and 1.25 inches x 3 inches. The badge should be large enough so the name is clearly readable – the logo is important – however the name is the focus.
  • Color: The color name tag will depend upon your personal preference as well as your logo colors. Color is always better than simple black and white designs. All badges printed in color are digitally imprinted which allows us to charge the same amount for a design with 6 colors, as we charge for one color. The engraved name tags are a two color process so this does limit your options. Engraved name tags have a surface color and a letter color that are tied to stock material colors, so this limits your options.
  • Full Color Printing and Color Matching: The digital process allows us to print your design in multiple colors at affordable prices. We can bleed color off the edges as well as print special color backgrounds. We match colors as close as possible but we cannot guarantee exact matching. With that said we do match colors very close and most people find this acceptable. We are unable to color match gradient fills.
  • Photos: Adding photos to badges are not a problem, however please provide good quality photos with room for us to crop the image if necessary.
  • Logos and Graphics: Please make sure you use only high resolution vector art in your design. If you do not know what this means you do not need to design your own badges. Sorry.
  • Custom Shapes: Custom shapes are available, and our only real advice it to make sure the design works with the layout. Do not try to design something cool – just because you want it cool. The name tag should be functional as well as unique in design.
  • Attachments or Backing: We recommend a magnetic backing as this allows your badge to attach without damaging your garment. Pin backings as well as clips and lanyards are available.

Hopefully you will find this information useful in designing your name tags. Our stance on customers designing their own badges is this; why do something you are paying us to do? Trust us – we are the name tag authority.