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Name tag etiquette tips

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Name Tag Etiquette

Name tags are commonly used in business, schools, groups, and other organizations to help people get to know one another.  They can also serve other purposes, including boosting employee morale or promoting a fun environment.  However, there is certain etiquette that should be followed when using name tags.

Avoid Stickers

Often, when people think of name tags, they think of the sticker version.  These tags usually have a blank line where the individual can write his or her name.  Many people find these stickers appropriate for certain occasions.  They are inexpensive and great for a one-time use.  However, they are not very effective.  They tend to fall off and can look sloppy.  Instead, a badge that is reusable might be a better option.  They are easy to use like stickers; however they can be cleaned after the event.  In addition, they are more sturdy and professional looking.

Stay Consistent With The Environment

An important aspect of name tag etiquette is staying consistent with the environment where they will be used.  For example, if your company wants to present a professional feel, your name tags should reflect professionalism.  There are a variety of options for badges, so it should not be hard to stay consistent.  Engraved name tags with titles might be a good option for your employees.  Creative companies, on the other hand, might prefer options that are more colorful.  In addition, they might let their employees personalize their tag.  Although you might think that this small detail does not matter, it makes an impact.  Name tags are very visible.  Therefore, make sure you follow this aspect of the etiquette guidelines.

Include Everyone

Finally, when it comes to name tags, everyone should be included.  Many times, people use these badges to only highlight those in management positions or people who hold leadership roles.  While it is great to recognize those at the top, it is also important to recognize everyone who is making a contribution.  For example, a volunteer organization that only hands out name tags to their staff overlook many who are helping them each day.  Why not recognize those hard working volunteers with a simple name tag?  This is a low cost initiative that can make a big difference.

Although there is really no right or wrong way to wear a name tag, there is a certain etiquette when it comes to choosing the right ones.  Once you select them, make sure to include as many people as possible to help boost morale.


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