Name Tag Materials

So you need to purchase name tags, but you have no idea of the differences in materials and what is right for you. No worries the following will explain the differences and hopefully help you to make your best buying decision.

Staff name tag with color logo


Plastic Name Tags
Plastic name tags are by far the most popular type name tag purchased today. Most plastics are 1/16″ thick and fairly rigid. The plastic is either an engravable type material or a material that accepts a full color imprint. The engravable plastic is composed of a 2 part laminate with a surface color, and when etched revels a letter coloring. This type badge has been around since the beginning of name badges and is extremely popular in the medical profession. The printable plastic has been around for the last 10 years or so. This material accepts graphics printed in full color and fuses the design into the surface of the badge. The color is quite durable and the finished image is outstanding. The printed badges are quite affordable and even as few as 1 badge can be printed in full color at a reasonable price. Full bleeds, PMS matching and unlimited design potential make this one of our best selling items.

Name tags for university organizations


Metal Name Tags
Metal name tags are our most elegant type name tag. The brushed metal look is unmatched in quality and appearance and is favored by companies searching for a high end name tag product. The metal is .025 inches thick and is available in White, Gold, Silver and Black. The surface accepts a digital print which allows for the imprinting of multicolor designs and graphics. The metal is very durable however does scratch a bit more than the plastic. The image is fused into the badge so the image quality remains good, however the surface does revel the scratch marks. Professional firms favor metal name tags over plastic. The entire image including the name is printed which renders a very uniform professional finished product. For those looking for the best quality badge made we add a badge frame to enhance the appearance. The badge frame allows for the metal name tag to set down in the frame and adds a boarder effect to the badge.

If you have questions about name tag materials give us a call, I guarantee a live person will answer the phone and can answer any question you might have.

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