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Name tags and dinosaurs

Name TagSo what does ordering name tags for your business have to do with dinosaurs? Well I am glad you asked…lol

I will admit it – I am a dinosaur. I hate the “new way business is done” model. Punch this for that, the annoying computer voices that you have to talk to on the phone, facebook, twitter and all the other crap that has taken personal interaction out of our daily lives.

One of my favorite things – two people having lunch together, one talking on the phone, the other looking at their phone…what is the purpose?

But I am a dinosaur and I am about to become extinct. But guess what? At nametagpros.com we still do business the old fashion way and as long as I am around, that is the way business will be done.

Here is what I mean.

  • When you call – you will find a friendly helpful person on the other end of the phone. No voice mail, automated attendant or some speech that tells you how important the phone call is. Your phone call is important and we ANSWER THE PHONE! I a few years these “Smart Businesses” will go on a marketing binge – “Call us real people answer the phone because we love to give good customer service” Give me a freakin break…
  • We actually help you with your name tag order, make recommendations and try to save you money. I know that is odd, normally you find someone wanting to take your order like they were at the drive thru at McDonalds. They have no product knowledge, no idea how to help you but tell them what you want and they will type it in the computer. Give me a break. We are professionals which means we are supposed to know about name tags.
  • We won’t ask you for your account number when you call – guess what we can look it up – were not lazy like most companies.
  • So you made a mistake on one of your name badges – we don’t try to figure out if it was your fault or ours – we fix it – no charge. Nobody likes mistakes – so what if we have to eat a badge every now and then – we love happy customers and we will never tell you that you are wrong (wish my wife had that attitude).
  • If we call you back – we will give your our 800 number so your call back to us if free. I hate it when companies call and then leave a “pay number” to call back – that is bad customer service and guess what…I had the president of a company I do business with do that the other day – and he has a direct 800 number to his office. Turd.
  • We don’t make you design your name badges. When you take your car to have the oil changed do they tell you – “well there are the tools – get after it”. We do all the work for you so you don’t have to. Isn’t that what you pay us for anyway?
  • We won’t be checking our phone when you call to update our status… We care about your business and give you 100% of our attention. How many times have you had to wait at business while someone screws with their phone? They need a thump to the forehead.
  • UPS screws your delivery up – you will never hear – “sorry nothing we can do”. We go to work for you and do everything in our power to make sure you have your name tag order on time – even if we have to remake the order at our expense.
  • I could go on an on about how things have changes and I hate it, but you don’t really care and that is ok. The thing to remember is this, we are hear to make ordering your name tags and badges as simple easy and painless as possible. We go out of our way to make you happy because I hate unhappy customers. Do you know why? Because if you are unhappy you don’t order again…I wouldn’t…So it is simple, I am in the name tag business, I need name tag orders, so I make customers happy. That is not a hard concept to understand. Not the smartest tool in the chest but I do get that concept, I wish more companies would.

Remember when you need name tags or name badges trust the “Dinosaurs” – the authority, nametagpros.com