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Name tags are billboards for the body

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A name tag occupies  a valuable piece of real estate on the front of your clothing. After all it is not like a design printed on the shirt, a name tag is it’s own element. Don’t waste the space. Be creative, use that space in a unique way.

Face it, name tags no matter how boring, get noticed. After all they are hanging out there on the front of your shirt, kind of hard to miss. Why not use that space to inform, educate or entertain your potential clients? How about these ides…

  • Advertise new products on the name tag.
  • Display special sales and promotions on the tag.
  • Have call to actions on your tag – like “Lose weight now – ask me how” (remember that one?)
  • Put your twitter handle, linked in address or other social networking info.

Can you think of others? Lots of space that gets noticed and is really cheap to customize…I like it!

How about using the tag to build rapport with the customer? Wouldn’t it be a nice thing if the customers actually enjoyed visiting your business? A for instance would be a movie theater. Why not place the staff members favorite movie on their name tag? Or, pet hotel, maybe the attendants have their pets names and type animal on their tags… Both of these would be nice conversation starters. OK one more…for resorts how about placing home towns on the name tags? Everybody loves to talk about where they are from – unless you work for the CIA… So just think, use the space to help create conversations between your staff and the customers, people buy from people – remember that.

So there you go just a few quick tips on how to maximize the use of your name tag space. I know it is just a little thing, but remember the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step…just a little thing.

Till next time…remember to trust the name tag authorities, nametagpros.com