Name Tags For Church Ushers, Greeters and Members

Church Greeter Name Tag
Name tags for ushers, greeter and church staff lend a feeling of familiarity to members and guest that attend church. Knowing someones name goes along way in creating an pleasant and relaxing environment. And lets face it we really need a place these days that brings comfort and relaxation to our lives. Your place of worship should be a nourishing, peaceful, stress free place to go. Plus if a person is visiting your place of worship it would be nice for them to know who to speak with if they have any questions or concerns. Name tags and badges are a very affordable and distinctive way to communicate your commitment to members and guest.

greeter name badge for churches

When browsing our website you will see a variety of church usher and greeter name tags. These are simple stock designs that we offer. However if you would like to customize the tags that is absolutely possible. You may use any of the stock crosses, praying hands or other religious symbols on any of the tags. You may arrange the lines of text as well as text styles any way you choose. In other words – everything is changeable. All Church related name tags and badges are customized to fit your unique needs. Most badges are a gold or silver metal or plastic and feature a magnetic backing (who wants to stick a pin through a nice jacket, blouse or shirt?) Once again you may choose any color you would like, we are here to make you happy!

Church Usher Greeter Tag with Logo

OK so you have your own church logo and want that on the badges… once again not a problem. We simply need a high quality version of your logo. We will add the logo to any style badge you choose. Are you getting the picture here? EVERYTHING IS CUSTOMIZED just for you – no additional fees… why stick with a stock design when you can have one that fits your unique taste?

OK so you are ready to orderr because we sound so fantastic – what do you do? (that is humor… but we are really easy to work with) We make ordering simple and easy – because shouldn’t life be simple and easy? We offer multiple ways for you to order name badges for your church. The easiest way is to simply call us, yes I know that is old fashion, but it is the easiest way. By calling we can answer any question you may have about the badges. However for those tech savvy people you may simply email us the details of your order. And for those of you who are feeling particularly sporty you may fill out our online order form. But the easiest way is by calling or email.

Name tags for churches

OK so you order and you need more, how does reordering work? Simple and easy of course… Just shoot us a quick email or give us a call. We keep your design and shipping information on file so all we need is the names and titles of the new people.

So what are you waiting for? Simple easy ordering, great prices and super friendly staff to help you, what more could you ask for! Remember when you need name tags and badges for your church trust the professionals at

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