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Name tags, loyalty and dinosaurs…welcome to my world

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name tags for businessIn today’s fast pace modern, cell phone, drive thru, text me, filp flop world customer loyalty is a lost art. I don’t just mean name tag customers not being loyal to my company – I also mean companies not being loyal to their customers. It seems that more and more businesses just care about your money and not actually providing a good product or service. If I have a problem, I need a company that values my business and is loyal to me.  Don’t treat me like I am an account number, I am not a number, our customers are not numbers. When you turn my account into a number instead of a human, I shop somewhere else. People buy from people and it seems that companies these days have forgotten that. However – I am a dinosaur.

I am sure there are smart people telling the great companies how to be faster, smarter and more efficient. And in a few years when people become tired of the impersonal, fast pace, don’t really care who you are attitude, these same people will start preaching how to build customer loyalty(And FYI  it is not how things are being done these days).

I can remember a few years back, a national food chain had a promotion – now wait for it…”HOT AND FRESH” to describe their food. Wow what a novel concept, hot and fresh food. They probably paid some genius a few million dollars to develop that campaign. But hey what do I know, I’m a dinosaur. I eat at places that have good food, good service and fair prices. Not a novel idea, but you probably couldn’t charge a butt load of money to tell a company that.

I can not control how other companies run their business, I can only control mine. Here are some thing you can expect from nametagpros.com

  • Loyalty. We are loyal to our customer. If you purchase an order from us, your price will not go up. You will always receive the same discounts your received on your first order. What business does that for you? NOBODY! (except nametagpros.com)
  • We will never ask you for your account number. You are a person, not a number and we treat you like a real person. It is our job to make ordering name tags for your business or organization simple and easy.
  • Great friendly service. We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. If you get someone on the phone who is not friendly – I want to know. We want you to enjoy calling us – some companies go to great length to hide their phone number – ours is right out their. (888)754-8337 and you will have a real person answer each and every time
  • Flexibility. In a rush? No problem, Need to add to your order? No problem. Bad art? No problem. Don’t have any clue what you need? No problem…are you seeing a trend? Our favorite phrase is “No Problem” (it might be for us – but never for you – because we are loyal to you.

We are not hear just to sell you an order once, anyone can do that. We are in the business of creating long term customer relationships. We need your business today and tomorrow. We need you to recommend us to other. We need you to be happy. Because you know what? If we make you happy and take good care of you – you in turn take care of us by being a LOYAL CUSTOMER. Now I know this old fashion thinking – which may make me a dinosaur. But if you think like I do, well maybe you are a dinosaur too.

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