Benefits of Using Name Tags for Your Seasonal Staff

It’s that time of year again, and the holidays will be here before you know it. Does it seem to you that Christmas decorations and marketing come out earlier every year? Business owners have to start preparing for the holidays earlier to stay ahead of their competition. As you anticipate holiday shoppers, you may be considering hiring seasonal staff to help. Even though the US saw a huge shift in shopping habits during the pandemic, retailers are still expecting a huge holiday season, especially for in-store traffic. It’s important to properly identify all of your employees, including your seasonal staff. Here are a few of the benefits of providing seasonal staff with name tags.

Seasonal Employees and the Holiday Rush

Your temporary and seasonal employees are part of your team. They are hired to help you as a retailer meet your year-end sales goals. They also help you handle the influx of holiday shoppers. This can be a huge task, so it’s important that your seasonal workers know they are contributing to the goals of the company. Name badges are a simple, quick, and affordable way to let your seasonal workers know that they are part of the team. Some of the specific benefits associated with providing name tags for seasonal staff include:

  • Maintain a personal interaction between staff and customers during a hectic shopping season
  • Helps with collaboration between new employees and your seasoned staff
  • Establishes and keeps the corporate brand intact, especially if your name tag design features your company logo
  • Helps new and temporary workers feel like they are part of the company 
  • Connects names and faces of customers and other staff members

Businesses Compete for Holiday Staff

 A low unemployment rate and the increase in openings for seasonal staff make it harder for retailers to find workers to cover the busiest season of the year. Companies are starting to offer more perks and higher wages to fill openings. Some businesses are starting to include seasonal staff in their performance-based bonus programs, giving them store discounts and including them in other incentives that are usually reserved for full-time employees. Companies that want to have the staff needed for the 4th quarter are having to step up their game. Requiring a name badge is a simple but powerful way to stay in the game as a real competitor. Providing a simple name tag that includes the employee's name, position, and company logo go a long way to help create an environment that encourages teamwork. This is vital for the holiday shopping season.

Need Name Tags for Your Seasonal Staff? Let Name Tag Pros Help!

If you need name badges for your seasonal workers, you are in the right place. Name Tag Pros has the experience and expertise to help you get exactly what you need. We can create name tags that are consistent with the rest of your staff’s name badges, or we can start from scratch. Our experts can help you create a simple but effective name tag design. We can also create a full-color logo name tag for your regular and seasonal employees. Call us today and let us know what you need. We’ll get it done hassle-free!

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