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25 Pages of Custom Sorority Name Tags and Badges – and I crazy or what?

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Kappa Alpha Theta Kite Name Badge

Yes your eyes do not deceive you, we have 25 pages of custom designed name tags and badges for sororities.Why you ask? Because I am crazy that’s why. Well maybe just a little.

Custom Sorority Name Tags and Badges

We have been blessed that various sororities have chosen to allow us to help them with their name badges for recruitment. So much so, that we are licensed for 24 individual chapters and we have created unique pages for each sorority with their specific designs (see now that is crazy – who has 25 pages for sororities?). Each page shows both metal and plastic name tags with chapter crest or Greek letters. We also have developed¬†our own special custom designed badges in the cutout shape of the Greek letters – which are very cute and cool! How about custom shapes – yea we have those too ūüôā

Alpha Chi Omega Cut Out Greek letter badge

We also have pages with Anchors, Crowns, Lyres, Quatrafoils,  Moons and other unique design that different chapters have requested for special themes Рmy favorite is the cat-in-the-hat tag! So you see if you need a sorority badge you do not have to stick with just the basics. If you can dream we can pretty much print it for you.

Lyre Shaped Name Tag


One of the best things about our custom sorority badges¬†is that they¬†are surprisingly affordable! . Beside daily great pricing we always give our sorority friends volume discount pricing. How this works is once you place your initial order your price will never go up. So say you purchase 100 tags in the Fall, then you need 10 more in the spring. We keep your pricing the same as if you ordered 100 pc – how awesome is that?.¬†Also we keep all designs on file so we know exactly the style and artwork for your chapter. So regardless of who orders in your chapter all the tags will remain consistent – and at the great prices – don’t forget that!

So click over to our site – we have the sororities separated alphabetically and check it out. Free samples, quick proofs, and quick quotes for all of our tags – just a click away.

Sorority Name Tags A-C , Sorority Name Tags D-K and  Sorority Name Tags P-Z. are the links Рso come on Рsee what we have Рyou know you want to!