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Order name tags online, why that is a bad idea.

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name tag designSo you think you want to order name tags online, let me tell you why that is a bad idea.

So you have your idea on a napkin for your name tags (see above), which this is very specific, which is great. But I ask you how are you going to place the design into one of the “awesome online name tag designer” programs? Right now I do not think you could take a photo with your phone and insert this design into the program, and render a product you would be happy with. So sorry to say – you need me, you really need me. The online programs are fine if you have a few lines of text and just a few to order, but if you need name tags for your entire staff – well good luck with that. Say why don’t you take next Saturday off and work the entire day on designing your badges online – or not.

See that is where people – knowledgeable, helpful humans come into play. Here at nametagpros.com it is our job to do as much of the work for you as possible, not the other way around (which some websites push you to do). So lets look at this order and show what is involved.


First we have the photo, but it needs photo editing to crop out some of the image. Can you do that? Probably not, but no worries, I can. Next we have a logo, which most design programs will insert, but it needs to be positioned in a not so common area. Can you do that with the designer – and once again probably not. Oh and lets not forget a color matched background, multicolor text and various length names with an outline no less. And by the way, we want it oval shaped…. But I can – turned out nice huh?

cool business name tag design

OK I will stop boring you with all the design elements that are at work on this name tag. You are right it is not your normal business name tag – this is a really cool business name tag! That is what we do, we work with you to help you come up with a cool business name tag that represents your brand and makes you stand out in a crowd. Now we can not take all the credit for the design as the customer provided the idea and the elements, but then they got out of the way, went back to doing their job, and let us do ours. No hassle, no wasted time and they got exactly what they wanted without a single headache! (Did I mention the order had to be designed, printed and shipped – same day for next day delivery?)


So make your life easy when you need to order name tags for your business or organization. Let the professionals at nametagpros.com do all the work for you, and maybe you can have this Saturday off!