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Personalized name tags in living color! The tragedy of bad color matching

Personalized Name Tag with Color Logo

Everybody loves things in color! Bright colorful rooms, jazzy color cars with tricky paint jobs, and a personalized name tags in full color will really help you stand out from the crowd. But things can go terribly wrong if you do not understand the elements involved in ordering your name tags with full color designs. Let me explain a few things to you….

A great example of the misunderstanding of color matching is to go into a paint store and tell the clerk you want  a can of navy blue paint. What kind of look do you think he will give you? Can you picture his face with that look of disgust? He will point you to a wall full of color chips and say “have at it, let me know when you are ready!”

Color matching for personalized name tags is very similar. We work from a chart of colors, these colors have codes associated with them called PMS colors. This is a universal color matching system which allows you to go into any printing, ink or paint facility and obtain the same color each and every time, regardless of your location. So when someone asked you what a PMS color is – well now you know.

So how does color matching for name tags go wrong?

  1. Colors embedded in files are not always accurate. Make sure that you provide the PMS color when ordering your badges
  2. You look at your monitor and think the color is correct. Have you ever gone into a store with 30 televisions and every image looked different? Exactly, no two monitors display colors the same so providing the PMS color is essential.
  3. You provide an old name tag to go by. Well what if the last color was wrong? As the name tag ages the color changes also. So now you have a reproduction of a bad color.
  4. You tell the printer “I want an off white color” Really – do I have to remind you of the paint store analogy?

The only way to make sure you have the exact color is to provide the PMS color code.

And a final note, please do not say “use your best judgement” that is the kiss of death, guaranteeing the color will be incorrect. Now most people are not super picky about color but we treat each and every job like you are – that way we know we can get your color right.

So when you need personalized name tags printed right – remember the name tag authorities nametagpros.com