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Professional Name Badges in a Social World

Professional Name BadgesTimes are a changing… for years all that belonged on a Professional Name Badges was the company name or logo and your name. With Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. and all the other social networking sites the layout and design of your badge might need to undergo some changes.

Professional Name Badges

Today’s business world is much more complicated than in past years. Now companies have websites, Facebook pages, twitter accounts etc. that provide valuable information to the public. These elements should come into play when designing your professional name tag. Some questions to ask are;

  • Should I have my web address on my name tag? Will customers take note?
  • What about my twitter handle – is it appropriate to place on my badge, would customers benefit from following me?
  • Should I advertise – “Connect with me on LinkedIn – ask me how”
  • Or simply put ” Google + Me!

Social media for all the crap that it provides can be an area of great benefit to your customers. Tweeting out product updates, specials, new items and such are a great way to get people talking about your product. Facebook does not have to be used for posting photos of people at WalMart…You can actually use it for business. What about Instagram – great ways to show off new products or services.

You want your name tags to be professional looking and in keeping with the times. With the advent of digital printing and full color graphics your name tag can be as creative as you would like. You don’t want to clutter your design with a bunch of crap that no one cares about, but if you are active on social media, maybe a variety of different name tags promoting your different marketing channels. This allows you to tell people more about what you do without you actually telling them verbally. In other words have one tag with your twitter handle, one with “Like us on Facebook”, you get my drift?

Social media is here to stay and super valuable if used properly. Used improperly it is a load of crap(I just had to say it). Integrating your social strategy with your name tag design is not only a smart decision it is an necessity.

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