We manufacture a wide range of name tags and badges for a variety of professions. The links below will lead you to various businesses that we have produced professional name tags for, such as Veterinary Offices, Dental Offices etc. We feel that placing these examples into groups this will allow our visitors to see business specific examples of the name tags that pertain to their specific profession. These name tags are available in metal or plastic with a variety of backings. Please remember that all the tags may be modified to fit your unique needs.

Professional name tags are available in metal or plastic material. The metal name tags present a more upscale image. The brushed finish with rich gold, silver or black tones produce a look that cannot be replicated in plastic. The metal is .025 inches thick and may be either digitally imprinted in full color or laser engraved which yields a two color finish. Both the engraved and printed designs are available in small quantities and are quite affordable. The metal is quite study however like any metal finish it is prone to scratching. However with good care, the metal name tags should provide many years of excellence wear.

Plastic professional name tags are our most popular type name tag. The material used is .040 inches thick and can be either digitally imprinted or laser engraved with your specific message. The digitally imprinting allows unlimited color printing which allows us to design stunningly sharp and creative name tags for your business or organization. An engraved name tag have been the standard way of marking name tags for years, and is still an outstanding way to produce a professional name tag. The only drawback to the engraved process is that it is strictly a two color process with a letter color and a badge color. Multi-color imprinting is not available.

The best way to complete your professional name tag is with the magnetic backing. This type backing allows you to connect the badge to your clothing without punching a hole in your garment. Most clients prefer the magnet but for those of you still living in the Stone Age we also have the pin backing still available.

So look through the following sections and if you have any questions please give us a call and we will be glad to help you with any question.