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Quick Easy Way To Order Sorority Name Tags Online

Sorority Name Tags

OK I am a dinosaur, it’s true. When I need to order something I enjoy speaking with someone and ordering over the phone. OK quit laughing, and no I don’t type my type letters on my typewriter! You see I always have difficulty with order forms.I miss required items and then receive the annoying message – usually in red, which makes me even more annoyed – that I forgot something. So it ends up taking me twice as long as it should to order something. I feel like ordering over the phone is quick and easy, which is why I push people to call us when they need to order their sorority name tags and badges. But that’s just me and I am a dinosaur and I am happy with my typewriter and VHS player.

However I realize that everyone is not like me – which is a shame… so I have created an online form for ordering sorority recruitment name tags and badges. I understand that college students lives are hectic and quite a few of you do not have time to call someone during normal business hours. You want to do things on your terms on your free time – I get it – me to. And there are those who would rather fill out a form than speak with someone – and I don’t get that, but you are not me…which is a relief.

Recruitment name badge for Zeta Tau Alpha

Quick Easy Way To Order Sorority Name Tags Online

The order form is simple and easy and as short as possible. We need the following

  1. Name
  2. Shipping information such as street, city, state, zip
  3. Phone – we may have questions and need to call you.
  4. University – we keep all sorority name tags orders by university, so finding past orders when you need to reorder is easy.
  5. Date you need badges – Most orders take 2-3 days to produce, but we will accommodate any reasonable request for delivery.
  6. Sorority Name Tags
  7. Your design information. This box requires the most information. Just describe what you are looking for and we will work up a few proofs and send them to you for your approval. If you have a photo of an old badge or a drawing of a design you may attach that in the very next box (easy stuff!)
  8. Next tell us if you want a pin or magnetic backing. The magnetic backing is more expensive but worth it. No holes punched in your nice clothes.
  9. Next comes the badge type – metal or plastic. Metal is the nicest but does scratch a bit easier, they are both the same price.
  10. Then we need the color of the badge. For metal the colors are gold or silver. The plastic badges come in a variety of colors – so click here to see those colors.
  11. OK here is the tricky part if there is one. We need the list of girls names and any titles. So we have provided a few ways for you to submit those. One, you may simply enter the names and titles in the supplied box. Or, if you have the roster in a file format such as word or excel you may attach that at the next box.
  12. Last but not least we have provided a box for any comments, questions or any information that you feel is important to your order.

Then submit the order!!! Pretty simple huh?

We do not have a form to submit payment, and no they are not free… we will send you a confirmation of the cost once we have your order. You may then pay with a chapter check or provide a credit card over the phone for payment.

Sigma Kappa Recruitment Name Tag

Of course if you do not want to go through all of that just give us a call or email and we can guide you how to order your badges without filling out any forms. You see we want for you to be able order the way you want to, not the way I want you too.


Remember to trust the sorority name tag pros with your next order – nametagpros.com