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Quick Name Tags – What Does that Mean Anyway?

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What does does mean anyway? Quick normally means how long it takes the jackass behind you at a stop light to hit his horn when the light changes. However for most people quick is a bit longer than “a split second” (this is humor in case you missed it)

Quick Name Tags

On our site we have forms for quick name tags. What this means is you fill out the form and submit your info and we complete your request and send it back to you, you guessed it…quickly. Normally this usually takes less than 30 minutes – but we say give us an hour. If you send the request at 4:50 PM, normally you will receive the proof the next morning.

Now this may not seem quick, but here at nametag pros we do have lives to live and we go home at 5 PM daily – and FYI, if you send it on the weekend it will be Monday before you receive your proof. Believe it or not we are normal people with everyday lives – now our customers do think we are superheros (since we are always saving the day) and we love that , but be reasonable with your request.

So how fast is QUICK PRODUCTION? (OK wives quit laughing) Most companies have set production times, and yes we have standards that we work with, but me make things simple, tell us when you need them and we make it happen. If you are in a rush, we take care of it, never a rush charge (and we don’t whine about it and make it seem like you are a problem). If you need QUICK NAME TAG SHIPPING, well UPS does charge extra for that…so depending upon your level of service, this will determine your shipping cost. UPS may charge for great service but we never do.

The easiest way to order quick name tags quickly is to simply send us an email with your job information, logo,names, your shipping address and any other information that you deem important. We will set up proofs and get them back to you – QUICKLY – and we ship the badges within 24 hours. Now some companies want you to use an online order system – and for me that is not QUICK and it is not EASY. We are both

So the next time you need name badges quickly trust the professionals – nametagpros.com