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Read all about it…Great new metal name tags…get them while their hot

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sparkle name tagAnd the hits just keep rolling in! Great new metal name tags for those looking for something new and different. SPARKLES and BOARDERS!

Wanna be bold? Try the new sparkle name tags!

gold sparkle name tags

You heard me, NAME TAGS THAT SPARKLE. Perfect for banks, chamber of commerce, attorneys…sorry just kidding. But wouldn’t that be a kick in the pants to see your attorney with a silver sparkle name tag with pink lettering, well maybe not. This style is not for everybody but they are fun, colorful, and very zazzy!!! The badges come in a gold, silver or bronze and can be either imprinted or engraved with your unique design. The badges are available in 3 sizes, 2 rectangular and one oval shape for those who are really daring.

Copper Sparkle Name BadgeFinish them off with the magnetic backing and you have got your self a name tag that will definitely stand out. The tags are just a bit more expensive than our regular name tags, but they are not regular name tags…(don’t worry just $2 more per tag).

Oval metal name tag with boarderOK so now back to the real world of name tags. We find that quite a few of our clients want a metal name tag, just something just a bit different. That is why we developed our metal name tags with boarders. The badges are available with a gold or silver finish and come in a rectangular or oval shape. The center part of the badge features a diffused color and the edge has a complimenting bright boarder. This contrast creates a badge with a very elegant appearance and projects an upscale image. The badge are digitally imprinted which allows for full color printing at an amazingly affordable price. Small quantities are not a problem and most badges are ready to ship in just 24 hours. Place a magnet on the back and you have one of the best metal name badges you will ever own.

Rectangle metal name tag with boarderThe SPARKLE and BOARDER METAL NAME TAGS are just a couple of examples of new products that we continue to bring our customers. We are not content to sit around and conduct business the same way everyday. We are always working to provide newer better products each and every day.

Remember when you need metal name tags trust the authority….nametagpros.com