Reusable Name Tags for Seasonal Hires in 2022

As a business owner, you understand the importance of name badges and the benefits you reap from providing staff with high-quality name tags. They are important for branding, marketing, give you more reach, connect with customers and more. Savvy business owners make sure their staff wears name badges at work, or if they are representing them at trade shows or business events. But what if you need to hire seasonal staff? A larger percentage of seasonal workers just work for one season and are not likely to return. It can be difficult to justify the costs of outfitting non-permanent employees with name badges for a few months out of the year. That’s the benefit of reusable name tags.

Customized Reusable Name Tags 

Affordable, Versatile, and Effective Reusable Name Badges

Reusable name badges are an affordable option for ensuring your seasonal staff is provided with name tags. And you don’t have to lose any of the branding effects since you can still customize reusable name tags with your full-color logo. They are just as versatile as other types of name tags, they just leave a space for employees to write their names each day when they arrive at work. You save money, identify seasonal workers for customers, and help seasonal and temporary employees feel like part of your team.

Designing Reusable Name Tags

We make sure you have a variety of reusable name tag options. Our three main types of reusable name tag options are all customizable with your logo or brand. They include:

  • Reusable Plastic Name Badge
  • Reusable Chalkboard name Tags
  • Reusable Window Name Badges
  • Reusable Metal Name Tag
  • Reusable Metal Name Tag with a Clear Cover

Tips for Hiring Seasonal Employees

Many companies need to hire seasonal employees to help meet customer needs during specific times of the year. Of course, holidays see a big rise in seasonal employment, but in some regions, the summer months are high volume, and the extra workforce is necessary. For some businesses, hiring extra staff means ensuring everything continues to run smoothly during high-volume months. Here are a few tips for hiring seasonal staff.

Make a Plan

Before hiring seasonal employees, look at last year’s numbers. Double-check all your staffing and sales numbers. Use these figures to generate a good estimate of how many extra staff members you’ll need for this year. Which departments and shifts need additional help? Do you need more front-end sales team staff, or do you need more staff in HR, management, or payroll?

Start Out Early

Start hiring seasonal staff as early as it is reasonable to do so. You might start with people who have filled seasonal positions for you in previous years. Starting early will provide your HR team with more applicants to choose from. Sometimes, new hires back out too. Starting early provides you with enough time to refill those positions if needed. 

Training is Key to Success

Choose the best candidates for the positions you need to fill, then invest in proper training. You want to equip them to do their job well, even though they are there temporarily. Your high-volume months whether it is during the holidays or summers can be stressful for shoppers and staff. Solid training can help your temporary and seasonal workers have a better experience, and that always translates to better experiences for your customers as well.

Keep it Legal

Check-in with your lawyer or legal team to make sure you comply with any regional or federal rules that apply to temporary and seasonal hires. There are numerous variations in pay grade, labor laws, and benefits that may apply to temporary employees.

Attend to the Details

Even though a seasonal employee is hired temporarily, they still represent your company. It is worth it to invest in the proper uniform, name tags, equipment, and any other items to complete the experience. 

Get Your Reusable Custom Name Badges at Name Tag Pros

Are you looking at hiring seasonal employees again? Don’t forget their name badges! Contact Name Tag Pros and let our experience and expertise work for you. We can help you design a high-quality reusable name badge for your temporary or seasonal employees. Choose your colors and your favorite style and design for seasonal name tags. We can make reusable name badges with your full-color logo, so they match the name tags you use for full-time employees. Call us today and let us show you what true hassle-free ordering looks like!

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