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Shopping tips for Magnetic Name Tags

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So you are looking for name tags and the only thing you know is that you want a magnetic name tag. The following hopefully will help to guide you in your name tag type selection.

Silver Oval Metal

Metal Magnetic Name Tags

Metal name tags offer a very upscale look and elegant appearance. These badges are composed of .025 inch thick aluminum with the graphics digitally imprinted into the badge. This type of printing is fabulous since it allows for multicolor printing in small quantities, thus allowing even the smallest business the availability of professional name tags. Metal magnetic name tags are available in a gold, silver, white or bronze finish in a wide variety of sizes. The only drawback of the metal name tag is that it is fairly light weight and could be bent in the right situation.

Employee Name Tag Engraved
Engraved Employee Name Tag

Plastic Magnetic Name Tags

The plastic magnetic name tags are available in two distinct styles. The first is the engraved plastic type which features a 2 part laminate composition. The top layer – which will be your background color – and the core color – which is your letter/logo coloring. Durability and classic styling has made these the industry standard for years. The only drawback is that multicolor imprinting is not available, these badges are strictly a two color name tag.

The other option for plastic magnetic name tags is the digitally imprinted badge. This badge is .040 inches thick and begins with a white surface that can be imprinted in a variety of colors. The thing that makes these badge so popular is the ability to imprint any color background, multiple color logos and even fine detail lettering at a very affordable cost. The only negative is that you can not wash these name tag and the ability to match colors exactly.

Reusable Name Tag
Reusable Name Tag

Reusable Magnetic Name Tags

The last type is a badge that you can reuse. Quite a few companies have high turnover and would like to reuse their badges. This is where the magnetic reusable tags come into play. Basically this badge is either metal or plastic with a place left for the employees name. These can be professionally finished by applying the names with a label maker that is readily available at Office Supply stores.

So you see there are a few options when selecting your magnetic name tags. To make things simple just remember this – any name tag can be a magnetic name tag, it is just the part we place on the back.