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Sorority Name Tag Ordering FAQ

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That wonderful time of year is here and we are super excited – sorority recruitment name tag season! OK well maybe I am the only person who is excited, but we love working with each one and every sorority. Every year we are asked many of the same questions about ordering name tags for sororities, so we have put together a FAQ section to help you girls out. So here goes…
How do I order my name tags? We keep ordering simple and easy. The easiest way is by email, or using our Sorority Name Tag Order Form. Once we receive your information will send you proofs of the badges, as well as the total cost of the order. Once you approve everything we ship the tags.
How do I pay for the name tags? Most chapters pay by check but credit cards are increasing in popularity. If you want to pay by credit card give us a call at (888)754-8337 and we will take the information over the phone. You may also pay by PayPal.
How long is production? Normal production time is 5 – 7 days but if you need the badges sooner let us know and we will make it happen.
How much is shipping? We ship most order by UPS – cost normally is around $13 for ground shipping. Small orders (1 to 6 tags) go USPS and the cost is $4.89 for the entire order. If you need special air shipping that is not a problem but the cost is much higher.
What if I need to reorder tags? We keep all orders on file so when you need to order a simple email or phone call gets your order underway.
How do I know what my name tags will look like? On all orders we send multiple proofs for you to review and choose from. Once you find the style you prefer we send you a proof of all the badges for you to approve. Once you approve all the tags we produce and ship them out to you.
Do you have a guarantee? Sure thing – if you are not happy – we will work with you till you are – no problem. We realize that you have a choice where you shop and we want to make 100% certain that you are satisfied.
I want positions under some of the names, is that extra? No extra charge for extra lines – as a matter of fact we do not have any extra charges… Oh and we never charge a rush fee if you forget and need your tags in a hurry.
What is the difference between metal and plastic name badges? The metal sorority tags offer a more upscale look, where the plastic is a bit more durable. They both are the same price. We actually have a metal look plastic that is quite nice for the best of both worlds.
I see a design on your website but I want to modify it, can you do that? Our designs on the website are basic – so if you want any modifications, or have a completly new one send that over and we will custom design a tag to your specific criteria. Once again our goal is make the tags exactly the way you want them.
Are you officially licensed to sell sorority name tags? Yes we are officially licensed to produce name badges for a variety of sororities. Some companies are not so watch out for them.
Why do custom shapes cost more? Custom shapes take twice as long to make as well as use almost twice as much material, that is why the cost is more.
What is I am in a rush, do you have a rush fee? We never have a rush fee and never will. However if we have to ship AIR the shipping companies do charge more for that.
Can I prepay for the name tags before I send in my order? Absolutely, if you need to pay before a certain date we can handle that.
How long do I have to pay for my name tags? Normally you may wait till you receive your name tags to pay, but we work with you on when your budget is available. We are easy to deal with, let us know your situation and we will take care of you.

We hope this post has helped, but you may always call or email us if you have any questions. So remember when you need badges we are the sorority name tag professionals! We make it easy…