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5 Ways the Pandemic Has Changed the Workplace for Good

man working from home

The Coronavirus caught most of us off guard. We honestly didn’t see it coming and that left us unprepared for the days immediately following the initial outbreak. There is no doubt that even once it has run its course and a vaccine is found to work that it will leave a huge impact on us […]

3 Reasons You Need Professional Medical Office Name Tags

Many healthcare facilities require staff name tags. In hospitals and other high-traffic medical institutions, name tags for nurses and other staff are essential as there are many people who work there. Personalized name tags for office staff, nurses, and doctors are an affordable and effective way to ensure patients and healthcare workers can connect. Name […]

Four Benefits of Metal Name Tags for Business

Name tags are not a new topic for most businesses. They have been considered necessary to help identify staff and help them be more approachable by patrons. Over the years, name badges have changed a lot and the latest standards for most are metal name tags for businesses. Pinned-on versions still exist, but many are […]