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5 Ways the Pandemic Has Changed the Workplace for Good

man working from home

The Coronavirus caught most of us off guard. We honestly didn’t see it coming and that left us unprepared for the days immediately following the initial outbreak. There is no doubt that even once it has run its course and a vaccine is found to work that it will leave a huge impact on us […]

The Importance of Staff Name Badges in Social Distanced Restaurants

waitress name badge

Many businesses are trying to stay up and running during the pandemic. The food industry is no different and in many areas, restaurant owners are taking extreme measures to ensure they can continue to provide services to their communities. One way they are working on keeping their businesses alive is by promoting social distancing. This […]

Making Events and Businesses Eco-Friendly with Wood Name Tags

green earth

The trend for businesses is leaning heavily toward making eco-friendly and sustainable choices. Making the shift toward greener choices is called green marketing. These trends are about taking better care of our earth and leaving less of a footprint for future generations. Savvy businesses know that going green is one of the best practices they […]