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The ins and outs of Business name tags

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Full color business name tag

When looking to purchase business name tags there are quite a few options on the market today that you consider when making a buying decision. Name tags are very simple things but say quite a bit about your brand and professionalism.

Take for instance a church that needs name tags for it’s staff or greeters. The type of tag that best fits that use would be an upscale looking badge with a magnetic backing. The magnetic backing allows for the tag to be attached without punching a hole in the wearers clothing. Whereas a person working in a fast food business would be more likely to wear a low end type name tag with a pin backing. This type tag is much more economical and is perfect for places with high turnover in employees. See what I mean about making the tag fit the need? So below you will find some information about the basic type of name tags.

magnetic reusable name tagsPlastic name tags with pin backing are the most economical name tag product available. This type tag is manufactured in a variety of thicknesses and styles to fit most budgets. For the volume purchaser with a need to reuse the name tags, most people print just a logo on the name tag and leave a spot for personalization with a label maker. For those looking for a more upscale reusable tag we offer our window name badges. Both types of plastic name tags are imprinted in full color and can be ordered in a variety of sizes and quantities to fit any budget.

Gold Metal Church Name TagMetal name tags present a more upscale professional look. The metal is an .025 aluminum that is available in gold, silver, white or bronze. The surface accepts full color digital printing which allows for the printing of multicolor business logos at a surprisingly low cost. This type tag is normally finished with a magnetic backing which allows the wearer to attach the badge without damaging their fine clothing.

Engraved name tag

For those of you wanting your brand to really stand out the custom shaped engraved name tags are the way to go. Just let your imagination run wild and design a badge that will separate you from your competition. Most custom shaped name tags are made of an engraved plastic that features a surface color and letter color for your badge. Most sizes and shapes are readily available for imprinting.

So you see there are quite a few options out there for business name tags, so our advice is consult a name tag professional to assist you with your buying decision. Of course we prefer nametagpros.com