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Time to Order Sorority Recruitment Name Tags!

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So finals are in the air and school is winding down, and everyone is ready to wind down for the summer.Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority Name Badge But wait, there is some unfinished business. It’s time to order those Sorority Recruitment Name Tags. I know quit wining… we make it easy so just relax. Read on my friend, it will be the best thing you do all day.

Sorority Recruitment Name Tags

Because we are simply awesome – and you guys are simply awesome, we have created special pages just for the sororities that we are licensed to provide name tags and badges for (and in case you did not know – being licensed is a BIG DEAL).

Twenty five pages of sorority recruitment name tags separated so each sorority has it’s own individual page. Most pages offer 6 different styles, but if you have a style that you currently use, we can replicate that without a problem (are you beginning to see how awesome we are?)

The styles shown are the most popular styles that we offer, however since we custom design these tags you may change any of the attributes of the tag. In other words if you want a different color, type style, logo etc. we can change it for you – at no additional charge. OK say it – AWESOME!

Face it buying sorority recruitment name tags can be a pain, but not with us! All we need from you isAlpha Omicron Pi Name Tag a roster of the girls names, a description of the tag you are wanting and your shipping address. Then all you have to do is sit back and watch the magic happen!

First we will send you a proof of the badge design allowing you to make any change that you may need. We also enter your order into our system and send you a confirmation of the cost (see how easy – you don’t have to fill out any forms online etc).

Once the basic design is complete we set up a proof of all the badges for your final review.

Once you give us the go ahead we make the badges. Yes I know AWESOME! Ordering name tags for your chapter is so easy you can do it from your lounge chair by the pool!

OK so what are you waiting for?????? CALL US!! (888)754-8337 and lets get this party started! Or you can email us if you like, or you just don’t feel like talking or something like that.

Remember when you need name tags and badges trust the professionals – nametagpros.com