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Unique name tags for business

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unique name tags for businessThe first impression of you or your business should be a positive, memorable  experience. So why not differentiate yourself from the competition with a unique custom name tag?

There are lots of ways to create unique name tags for business. Like the example above, the hotdog shaped badge  with foll color imprinting is perfect for the hotdog vendor. If you sell jewelery how about a diamond or crown shaped? For veterinary office name tags how about a bone shaped? Do you see where I am going with this?

Veterianry Office Name Tag

Custom shaped name tags are an awesome way to differentiate your business, however some businesses want to go with a  more more low key appearance. For those clients we suggested one of our stock shaped – Yet Unique – style name badges.Shaped name tag for businessThis style badge exhibits uniqueness but a quiet elegance, which is perfect for a large segment of businesses. The shapes stand out but in a subtle fashion which is a nice way to differentiate your business.

All the unique shaped name tags are composed of a plastic material and can be imprinted or engraved with your company or organization logo or graphic. The engraved badges feature a surface color and letter color, which yields a 2 color badge. For those with multi-color designs the graphics are digitally imprinted. Both processes produce badges with an upscale and professional appearance. As an added bonus either style does not have a minimum order so ordering as few as one badge is not a problem.

The majority of the badges are finished with a magnetic backing. This style allows the name tag to be attached without damaging the wearers clothing. The magnets are quite strong and maintain a firm grip.

So why be normal and purchase the same bland rectangle name tags? Go with one of our unique custom shaped badges, great low cost with a unique appearance. And remember when you need name badges trust the name badge authority nametagpros.com