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Upscale classy name tags, more affordable than you think.

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executive metal name tag

Awesome looking name tags are not as expensive as you think. For just a couple of dollars more than a standard metal name tag, you may upgrade to a wide variety of upscale name tag styles.

When someone asks what is our nicest badge I always suggest a metal name tag with a metal frame – or our executive style. This style name badge features a metal frame with an imprinted metal insert. The rich appearance of the name tag along with the metal frame gives this tag a very classy appearance. The size of the tags are dictated by the size of the frame. We offer two sizes to chose from, a 1 1/2″x3″ or a 1″x3″ size. These generally suffice for most any name tag design. For those of you feeling creative and bit jazzy, we also offer an oval frame. The size for the oval is 1 1/2″x2 3/8″ oval metal name tag with framewhich is a bit smaller than the rectangle but still renders an awesome appearance. Both styles of badges are available in gold or silver. The inserts may be a multitude of colors, however most clients stick to a matching insert such as gold or silver. The frame adds a nice weight to the tag but does not make it overly heavy. The standard metal name tag tends to be just a bit flimsy for some taste so the frame is a nice addition. The great news about this style is they only cost $3 more than a typical name tag, $9.59 … Yes I know you think I am crazy for pricing such a fantastic name tag at an affordable cost – but what can I say – I AM CRAZY! (that is humor in case some of you missed it)


OK so maybe that style is not your taste, no worries we have more to choose from! How about our frosted metal name tag with bright boarder, very cool! This tag is a bit more rigid than our standard metal name tags. We offer two sizes, 1″x3″ and 1 1/2″x3″ just like the framed tags. The surface is a frosted diffused color in gold or silver. The edge has a bright finish to accent your unique name tag design.Metal name tag with boarderThis is a very unique style name tag and it resist scratching a bit better than a standard metal name tag. We offer both the rectangle and oval shapes in gold, silver or even black on the oval. Your design is digitally imprinted into the surface of the badge to create a stunning product! So you wonder the cost of such a brilliant name tag (humor again) you will be shocked! $7.79 only $1 more than a standard metal tag. What are you waiting for!

OK so maybe those are not your taste. How about something with a little “BLING” That’t right boys and girls we got them! NAME TAGS WITH BLING! WoooooHoooo! For those of you looking to add a little flash to your appearance – Bling is the way to go! The tag is a standard metal name tag with a metal frame with crystals around the outside. Available in a gold or silver color and in the oval and rectangle shape. The rectangle is 1 1/2″x2.75″ and the oval is 1 3/4″x2 3/4″. Now we do not recommend these tags for bankers and lawyers, but for you party people (you know who you are) the bling is it for you! Available for the low low price of $13.95. Once again – I know I am crazy for such a cheap price (humor, keep up please)
Bling Oval Metal Name Tag


OK so there you go, great choices in upscale metal name tag, but not upscale pricing. So remember when you need name tags, trust the professionals, nametagpros.com