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Which is the best name badge for you? Your questions answered

metal name badge

So you need name badges but you do not know where to start, relax we make it easy.

With the large variety of name badges available, choosing the correct badge can seem quite daunting at times. The first thing to consider is what type of business or organization does the name badge represent? For instance, is you are a banking institution it is probably not a good idea to go with a bling name badge. A bit more conservative upscale look would be what you are probably going to want to purchase, like our executive name tags. Or say if you are in the medical profession, the standard seems to be the engraved name badges, don’t know why but that seems to be the standard. Are you a restaurant with lots of turnover in staff, then reusable is the way to go. Do you see where I am going with this? Below I will give you a brief outline of the types of name badges and our suggestions.

Metal name tags and badges. These have a bit more upscale elegant look than the standard plastic name badge. They work great for a wide variety of businesses but do scratch easier than plastic. We have several styles to choose from depending upon your budget and use.

  • Executive name badges – these have nice frames and are our nicest badge. If you want the best – this is it.
  • Metal name badges with covers – these have a protective plastic cover to protect the metal from scratches. Just a bit more expensive than our standard metal name tags but worth it.
  • Sparkle metal – Not for everybody but very cool. We also have bling badges!
  • Metal badges with boarders – Very nice style badge with a contrasting boarder to accent your unique graphic. Just something a little different to make your brand recognizable.
  • Standard metal name badges – These are our basic metal name tag. Printable in full color with a wide array of sizes to choose from. Great for a wide array of business and even available in a reusable version.

Plastic name tags and badges. Due to the variety of styles, imprinting methods and ability to custom shape, plastic is our most popular badge. Here are a few options to choose from.

  • Full color name badges – what this means is we start with basic white plastic badge and digitally imprint your unique logo or graphic  in full color. This allows for multi-color graphic printing with outstanding clarity. Another great thing about the digital printing is that there are no minimum orders, print as few as one. Great affordable pricing as well!
  • Engraved plastic name badge – this style badge has been the standard for years. Composed of a 2 part laminate with a surface color and letter color. This style offers a wide variety of colors and sizes to choose from. However the digital printing is not available.
  • Reusable name badges – Basically this is one of our plastic name badges with the logo either engraved or printed with a space left to personalize with a label maker. This allows for businesses with high turnover to reuse their name badges repeatedly, thus saving them money.
  • Window name badges – This style name badge features a window that displays the wearers name on a slide in card. The names are easily changed for new wearers and feature great durability. The graphics are digitally imprinted and are available in a variety of fixed sizes which fit most peoples needs. The only down side to this style is that this badge must be purchased in volume. But in volume, the pricing is quite attractive.
  • Custom shaped name tags – If you can dream it up we can pretty much cut it out. We use our laser to custom shape name tags for those clients looking to set themselves apart from the ordinary. Very cool, no minimums with nice durability

So you see there are quite a few options for name badges. But relax, all you have to do is call and talk to one of our helpful specialist. We make it easy and hassle free, from choosing the right style to designing your badge.

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